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Xemplar Drive (Family) Helps Curb Unsafe Driving Habits

Distracted Driving

Xemplar Drive detects distracted driving when a young driver interacts with the phone while driving.

Speed Violations

Xemplar Drive compares actual speed to posted speed limits and record a violation when there is breach beyond a reasonable limit.

Rapid Acceleration,
Hard Braking

Xemplar Drive automatically detects unsafe acceleration and braking habits that can make the vehicle unstable.

Unsafe Turning

Xemplar Drive detects turns and lane changes at speeds higher than the acceptable level of the road.

How it works

It’s easy! After the app user logs in once successfully, the Xemplar Drive app works in the background to automatically detect driving and use data from phone sensors to assess risks.

Mobile App

Young drivers get safe driving analytics and coaching. Parents can also see trip history and safe driving analytics.

  • Self-assess driving habits that increase the risk of accidents.
  • Track driving score over time to see improvement.
  • Review completed trips along with granular data on unsafe events that occurred.
  • When an incident happens on the road, quickly capture the details along with pictures and videos.
  • Keep details of insurance company and roadside assistance service provider for quick access.


View family safe driving analytics on PC or tablet. Also manage account accounts and family messaging. All data is private, and viewable by authorized users only.

  • Dashboard: Summary report of driving scores, trends, unsafe driving habits that may need attention
  • Review Performance: Analyze each user’s driving habits in detail to coach them on risks and improve driving behavior.
  • Manage Users: Manage mobile app users in your family
  • Manage Account: Manage account settings, and billing information.
  • Send Notifications: Send coaching messages to all users in your family from one location.

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Get the limited time Offer with unlimited Driving Safety

We are united by one goal
- A commitment to create a new generation of safe drivers

Xemplar Drive (Family) lets you give young drivers the freedom they need with the ability to review and learn good driving habits from their own driving data.

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