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  • Keep your Family safe on the
    unpredictable roads

    Get insights into their driving habits to
    help them become safe drivers

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  • All New Xemplar Auto 2.8

    Advances on its core features to provide Auto Insurers a deeper understanding of risks and drive adoption

    Improve the
    safety of

    Safety Rewards
    program to
    encourage app usage
    and safe driving

    from phone

    Expand the
    detection of
    poor driving

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  • Don't leave the safety and well-being
    of your Drivers to chance

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  • A Holistic Approach Towards UBI

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    Get your
    First Strike Advantage
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    what is going to come

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  • We imagine a world free of road accidents

    Keep your fleet safe and your drivers safer with Xemplar Drive

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  • To grow, Auto Insurers need to recognize
    and respond to digital disruption

    Xemplar Solutions Suite enables digital transformation to fuel your top-line sales
    and bottom-line profitability

Xemplar Solutions Suite

Xemplar Solutions Suite is a digital transformation platform for Personal & Commercial Auto Carriers to collect, analyze and apply deeper insights to their business. It opens a new engagement channel with their policyholders to improve customer loyalty by influencing better driving habits and offering right-priced premiums. Carriers can leverage these insights to design insurance programs and realize better business outcomes by way of lower claims and costs, increased ROI and improved bottom line. Businesses can influence a positive change in the driving habits of their drivers to reduce the overall risks and optimize their fleet operations.

Harnesses the power of
smartphone technology to drive
change, increase connectedness
and transform the customer
Discover the true potential
of data to explore new opportunities for risk management and enhance service for your commercial accounts, who in turn can implement additional safety controls for their fleet



Business  Family

Monitor the driving habits of
your drivers/family members - to
improve their driving behavior
and prevent accidents

Partnerships that go all the way

Nation Safe Drivers

NSD is a renowned RSA service provider network that serves policyholders of over 300 insurance companies. We built out-of-the-box inetgrations to connect with NSD.


SpeedGauge provides loss control services to several commercial insurers. We rely on their data services to detect accurate speeding behavior.

NLR Resources

NLR Resources Inc. speciaizes in electronic payment solutions. We partnered with them to enable insurance premium collection from policyholders.

Corporate Claims Management

Corporate Claims Management is a strong advocate of implementing driver safety programs and using Telematics technology. We partnered with them to bundle Xemplar Drive with their services.

JMP Africa

JMP is a Zimbabwe-based company focusing on the development and implementation of smart sustainable and innovative solutions integrating blockchain technology for insurance market in Africa.


10GITALconseil is France-based company that combines the experience of more than 30 years in the software, insurance, banking and telecoms sector, pioneer of the new economy, eCommerce and customer relationship.


Cognic Systems Private Ltd., is a fast-growing technology startup and preferred partner for consulting, outsourcing, and technology services.

A Quick Peak into how Xemplar
future-proofs your investment

News & Events

  • Xemplar partners with Cognic Systems to enter Indian market

    Xemplar Insights, LLC, a company that offers digital platforms and risk management solutions to Auto Insurers, and Commercial Businesses, and Families, has partnered with Cognic Systems to formally enter Indian market.

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  • Xemplar partners with 10GITALconseil to expand business in Europe

    Xemplar Insights, LLC, a company that offers digital platform and risk management solutions to Auto Insurers, Businesses, and Families, has partnered with 10GITALconseil to formally enter European market with its flagship products for risk management and customer engagement.

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  • Xemplar Partners with JMP Africa to
    Expand Business in African Market

    Xemplar Insights, LLC, a company that offers digital platform and risk management solutions to Auto Insurers, Businesses,and Families, has partnered with JMP Africa to enter African market with its flagship products for risk management and customer engagement.

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