Our Story

Our journey originally began in early 2017 with study project on develop motion patterns using smartphone sensors and GPS data. This led us to developing our first version of smartphone telematics engine that helped understand driving behaviors without any hardware. A successful market test with a small insurance company quickly led to developing a finished product and launching our company in mid-2018. We then extended our capabilities to include numerous new features including policy and claim services to drive adoption, and developed turn-key solutions for Personal and Commercial P&C Insurers.

Our solutions for insurers are designed to provide simple yet powerful features - to curb unsafe driving habits and offer auto insurers with new data to analyze the health of the book and to predict losses with real evidence of risks taken by the insured. They are highly configurable and customizable to suit every Insurance carrier’s appetite and objectives.

Today, Xemplar is a well-established digital solutions company that offers both pre-configured and tailor-made solutions to insurers and commercial businesses, with many companies using our products and services to drive their digital transformation. We continue to enhance our products and expand our operations year over year!

We also design and develop custom solutions on mobile and web channels using our experienced talent pool, proven architecture, and frameworks. With teams located in the United States and India, Xemplar Insights can augment any IT team for mobile/web application development and maintenance.