Xemplar partners with 10GITALconseil to expand business in Europe

Date: Mar 15, 2019 Location: Wayne, PA

Xemplar partners with 10GITALconseil to expand business in Europe

Xemplar Insights, LLC, a company that offers digital platform and risk management solutions to Auto Insurers, Businesses, and Families, has partnered with 10GITALconseil to formally enter European market with its flagship products for risk management and customer engagement.

Based in Paris, France, 10GITALconseil provide digital transformation consulting services with a unique multidimensional approach to assess strengths and weaknesses and develop a multi-level strategy to bridge the gaps. Both companies saw the opportunity to complement their products and services with this partnership, to help customers accelerate their digital transformation journey.

As a regional partner for Xemplar Insights, 10GITALconseil becomes an authorized reseller of the Xemplar solutions along with supplemental value-added services to the market to help accelerate innovation and digital transformation. "We are proud to represent Xemplar Insights for the European market. With such an innovative and purely digital software solution, Xemplar combines the key elements of customer engagement and risk management in digital transformation success: pragmatic, agile and fast deployment. We both combine 10s years of experience in the Insurance market and software solutions to fulfil the customer expectations in the connected world, and move them a step forward in the digital economy.”, says Didier Millet, President and CEO of 10GITALconseil.

Xemplar’s insurance solutions blend collected driving data with actionable insights of the mobile-focused policyholders to progressively improve their driving behaviors and reduce the risk of accidents. Xemplar enables Insurers to enhance their risk assessment practices by leveraging the smartphone technology to assess risk, engage customers, and create another channel for marketing the insurer’s products and services.

"With several successful pilots in select European counties, it was time to fully enable ourselves to develop business in the region." says Xemplar's CEO, SK Tirumala. "Xemplar products are designed to solve multiple business challenges faced by auto insurers and commercial fleets, with use of new technology and innovation to can significantly reduce exposures and operational risks. Explaining the value proposition of our products, requires a good understanding of the current landscape, experience, and a solid vision to challenge the status quo to influence change. 10GITAL has the breath and depth of experience, market knowledge, and vision, to help develop our business in the region. We are looking forward to this exciting partnership."

About Xemplar Insights
Xemplar Solutions provide simple yet powerful features - to curb unsafe driving habits and offer new data to predict and analyze risks. These solutions are highly configurable and customizable to suit every Insurance carrier’s appetite and objectives. We expanded this easy-to-use technology to drive business outcomes for small and medium business with mobile telematics data. They are amazingly economical and deliver high value at a fraction of the cost. With teams located in the United States and India, Xemplar can support any global business to transform how they manage risk in their day-to-day operations.

For more information, please visit //www.xemplarinsights.com.

About 10GITALconseil
10GITALconseil combines the experience of more than 30 years in the software, insurance, banking and telecoms sector, pioneer of the new economy, eCommerce and customer relationship 10GITALconseil aims to provide a pragmatic response companies in the sector in their digital transformation.

For more information, please visit www.10gitalconseil.org.

Xemplar Solutions Suite

Xemplar Auto
Personal Auto insurers and Agents can harness the power of this configurable digital platform to advance their digital strategy, while simultaneously increasing customer engagement. Platform provides the capability to gather new risk data to develop new insurance products and services.

Xemplar Fleet
Commercial Auto insurers and MGAs can discover the true potential of data to explore new opportunities for risk management and enhanced service for their commercial accounts, who in turn can implement additional safety controls within their fleet to lower the risk exposures.

Xemplar Drive - Business
Commercial businesses operating a fleet of vehicles can now monitor the driving habits of their drivers - to reduce risks of drivers, vehicles and the goods within. This is a direct-to-business telematics solution can help organizations improve their bottom-line.

Xemplar Drive – Family
Parents can now leverage the same technology to help coach young drivers in the family, using this direct-to-consumer offering for a low-monthly fees, with no long-term commitments.

About Xemplar Insights

Our journey began in early 2015 while experimenting with smartphone technology to analyze motion patterns that led us to develop an innovative and economical solution for risk management and customer engagement. By the summer of 2016, we released the first generation product for a market test with beta customers. Based on the feedback, new ideas and more research, we launched the second generation solutions in April 2017.

Xemplar solutions are designed to provide simple yet powerful features - to curb unsafe driving habits and offer auto insurers with new data to analyze the health of the book and to predict losses with real evidence of risks taken by the insured. Our solutions are highly configurable and customizable to suit every Insurance carrier’s appetite and objectives. It is economically priced to deliver high-value at low cost. With teams located in the United States and India, Xemplar solutions can support insurers and commercial businesses of any size, to transform how they monitor manage driving related risks.