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Date: OCT 09, 2018 Location: Wayne, PA


Xemplar Insights, LLC, a Wayne-based company that offers risk management solutions to Insurers and Commercial Businesses, has launched a new and advanced version of its flagship product Xemplar Auto.

Xemplar Auto 2.6 comes with several enhancements and advanced algorithms to enhance the safety of all drivers on the policy, while also enhancing customer engagement, and adoption of telematics. This refreshing new version also includes an out-of-the-box framework to easily integrate with payment gateways to enable collection of premium dues, reward safe driving habits, among many other feature improvements.

With the new Family Safety feature, in a policyholder's household, the insured drivers can help and support each other to eliminate unsafe habits and prevent accidents. This dramatically decreases the risk exposure for the family as well as the insurer. The new Safety Rewards program is designed to increase adoption of telematics (a big challenge in the industry) by rewarding safe driving behaviors on the clocked miles.

New in the box is a framework to quickly integrate with payment gateways to collect premium dues right from the mobile app thereby expanding the digital services offered by the insurer. The solution also advances the use of powerful algorithms to automatically differentiate between a driver and a passenger, and eliminate false trips from being registered.

"With Xemplar Auto 2.6, we have taken a huge leap forward on our mission to prevent accidents, and advance the insurers’ digital transformation journey. With several new features, we are confident that the adoption of mobile telematics will improve, and provide much needed driving behavior data to the insurer, to lower losses in the current book of business, while developing/refining their UBI products." said SK Tirumala, CEO, and Co-Founder of Xemplar Insights.

“The ability to design a rewards program right within the solution provides insurers a new marketing opportunity to attract and retain customers who can demonstrate responsible driving and earn cash rewards. Such campaigns can greatly benefit both parties in managing the risks better and enjoy a win-win proposition,” SK added.

Interested insurers can request a 30-day free-evaluation of Xemplar solutions and craft an implementation strategy that works best for their target customer base.

About Xemplar
Our journey began in early 2015 while experimenting with smartphone technology to analyze motion patterns that led us to develop an innovative and economical solution for risk management and customer engagement. The Xemplar Solutions Suite provides simple yet powerful features - to curb unsafe driving habits and offer new data to predict and analyze risks. Our solutions are highly configurable and customizable to suit every Insurance carrier’s appetite and objectives. We expanded this easy-to-use technology to drive business outcomes for small and medium business with mobile telematics data. These solutions are amazingly economical and deliver high value at a fraction of the cost. With teams located in the United States and India, Xemplar Insights can support any global business to transform how they manage risk in their day-to-day operations.

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Xemplar Solutions Suite

Xemplar Auto
Xemplar Auto is a product for Standard, Non-Standard, and Preferred Personal Auto Insurers as a white-labeled mobile app for insured policyholders to provide digital policy services and risk prevention. Xemplar Auto includes the digital policy services found in Xemplar Engage, but also adds robust, smartphone based telematic features for driver safety self-assessment and targeted risk management. The solution is a Mobile app (iOS, Android) for insured drivers, and a cloud-based portal for carriers that provides a variety of BI reports for risk exposure analysis, etc.

Xemplar Engage
The Xemplar Engage product was created for Insurers and MGAs to provide policyholders a white-labeled mobile app for digital policy services, claims services and communications. Xemplar Engage can be configured, enhanced, and extended to offer policyholders mobile services across multiple insurance lines. The solution is comprised of a Mobile app (iOS, Android) for insureds, and a Cloud-based portal for carriers with app utilization reports.

Xemplar Drive - Businesses
Xemplar Drive – Business was designed as a non-white-labeled option for Commercial Auto Insurers that believe that the policyholders will be apprehensive about using a data gathering solution provided by their insurance carrier. Xemplar Drive – Business would be referred by the insurer to the Commercial Auto policyholders (small businesses to large fleet owners) as a solution for risk prevention and loss control.
Xemplar Drive – Business is also available as a white-labeled off-the-shelf B2C subscription-based solution (SaaS or private) sold directly to Large Corporates, Commercial Businesses, and other Institutions that operate a fleet of vehicles, as a self-administered risk management solution.

Xemplar Drive – FAMILY
Xemplar Drive – Business is a branded off-the-shelf, B2C subscription-based solution sold through distribution channels such as driving schools or not-for-profit organizations to individuals and/or parents of teens as means to analyze driving habits of themselves, or young drivers as they gain driving experience and develop good driving habits.

About Xemplar Insights

Xemplar products are innovative mobile and cloud technology-based solutions that enable insurers and MGAs to Sell better, Interact better, and Service better, by deploying mobile solutions that delight their policyholders with compelling customer engagement services and smartphone telematics based risk management features.

Xemplar has extended their world class mobile app and telematics capabilities to create products to meet the risk management needs of commercial fleets and families of teen drivers. Today fleet managers and parents of teen drivers have an easy-to-use solution that provides actionable insights into the high risk habits of their drivers.

Xemplar is committed to delivering high quality, feature rich solutions that are valued additions to the lives of users.

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