Nearly 9 people are
killed, and 1,000 are
injured daily in
crashes due to
distracted driving

Distracted Driving

About 421,000 people
are injured every
year in accidents that
involve speed

Speed Violations

Approximately 41,000
deaths were recorded
last year (in U.S.) - for
breaking road rules


We imagine a world free of road accidents

We live in a world where distracted driving is becoming a significant concern. Be it cell phone usage, failing to use turn signals, hard braking, harsh cornering, or over speeding, all of which could lead to deadly consequences, and property damage.

Businesses that depend on fleets to conduct their operations face these risks on a daily basis, which could adversely affect their bottom line. This leads to loss of revenue, an increase in operating expenses, and perhaps an increase in their insurance premiums.

Xemplar Drive is an innovative and affordable solution that blends the power of mobile telematics with data analytics to proactively manage risks associated with unsafe driving behavior, and mitigate these looming risks.

Keep your fleet safe and your drivers safer with Xemplar Drive

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Xemplar Drive transfers
the power back to Fleet operators

What If you could enforce safety awareness with every one of your technicians or employees 24 hours a day, seven days a week? How much more efficient/safer will they be? Your most significant expenses are your mobile assets, with Xemplar Drive - Business, you get the transparency and risk insights on the way your vehicles are driven in the field. Your costs savings are immediate. Unsafe driving behaviors are measured and eliminated. Your safety numbers rise, and your liability decreases. Operational mobile efficiencies are at your fingertips. Xemplar Drive - Business is the smarter way to go.

Don’t fly blind! Have eyes on your
operations at all times from anywhere

What else is in the box?

One of the primary needs of commercial fleet owners is to know how their drivers are doing on the road. Xemplar Drive tracks their driving behavior and the risks they take. This solution helps in intervening with unsafe driving behavior at the point of transgression or acts as a coaching tool to improve the safety of your assets – your drivers, vehicles and the goods within.

Assesses the driving habits of all your drivers
Captures digital records of the trips they take
Informs you of your driver’s last known location
Sets boundaries to their driving routes
Gets roadside assistance at the click of a button

Three critical factors that contribute to unsafe driving behavior

Xemplar Drive curbs the three critical factors that contribute to unsafe driving behavior

Distracted Driving

Distracted driving is the using of a smartphone that diverts attention away from driving.

How does Xemplar Drive help?

Texting, calling and browsing the phone is the cause of nearly 50% of road accidents. With Xemplar Drive, drivers can get a score on their phone usage while driving. This information is useful for commercial fleet owners to assess risky driving behavior and reduce costs by coaching their drivers.

Speed Violations

Speeding is one of the traffic regulations and driving above the speed limit results in a speeding ticket or unanticipated road accidents

How does Xemplar Drive help?

Speed violations lead to negative consequences such as speeding fines, increased premiums, and fuel wastage. With Xemplar Drive, commercial fleet operators get a report of drivers drive beyond the recommended speed limit. This information can be used to assess your risks and take measures to save lives , fuel, and costs.

Breaking Rules of the Road

Harsh cornering, rapid acceleration, and hard braking are some of the dangerous driving habits that have similar effects as speeding.

How does Xemplar Drive help?

While these habits are less apparent culprits than speeding, they can actually be more costly. Xemplar Drive tracks these events to assess the frequency of these behaviors. They affect the bottom line by way of repair and maintenance costs.

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Industries we serve

Practically any business that owns or leases vehicles (cars, trucks, vans, pickup trucks, minivans, etc.),
to run their business operation would derive great value by subscribing to Xemplar Drive.

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