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Driving Success With Driver Behavior Data in Fleets
Mar 6 / Author: SK Tirumala

Xemplar Drive – Driving Success with Driver Behavior Data in-Fleets

For commercial fleets, maintaining safe driving habits is crucial to minimize risks and ensure operational efficiency. Driver behavior data is an essential tool that provides insights into driver performance, enabling fleet managers to take corrective action to reduce accidents, lower insurance costs, and improve overall fleet performance.

Here are some reasons why driver behavior data is important for commercial fleets:

Promotes Safe Driving: Driver behavior data helps fleet managers to monitor and analyze driver behavior, identify risky driving habits, and take corrective action. By tracking data such as harsh braking, acceleration, and speed violations, fleet managers can coach drivers to improve their driving habits, reduce the risk of accidents, and promote safer driving practices. 

Lowers Insurance Costs: Insurance premiums for commercial fleets are determined by factors such as driver safety, accident history, and the number of claims filed. By utilizing driver behavior data to monitor and improve driving habits, fleets can reduce the risk of accidents, lower the frequency of claims, and ultimately reduce insurance costs.

Improves Fuel Efficiency: Driver behavior data can also help fleets to improve fuel efficiency. By analyzing data such as idle time, aggressive driving, and excessive speed, fleet managers can identify areas where fuel consumption can be reduced. This, in turn, leads to lower operating costs and improved environmental sustainability.

Increases Fleet Productivity: Driver behavior data can also help fleet managers to identify areas where driver productivity can be improved. By analyzing data such as idle time, route optimization, and delivery times, fleet managers can make informed decisions that maximize fleet productivity and reduce operational costs. 

Enables Predictive Maintenance: Driver behavior data can also be used to monitor vehicle health and identify potential maintenance issues before they become major problems. By tracking data such as engine performance, tire wear, and brake usage, fleet managers can schedule preventative maintenance, reduce vehicle downtime, and improve overall fleet performance.

In conclusion, driver behavior data is an essential tool for commercial fleets to promote safe driving practices, lower insurance costs, improve fuel efficiency, increase productivity, and enable predictive maintenance. By utilizing this data to monitor and analyze driver behavior, fleet managers can make informed decisions that reduce risk, improve performance, and enhance operational efficiency. Therefore, it is important for commercial fleets to invest in driver behavior monitoring technology to stay competitive in today's fast-paced business environment.

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SK Tirumala

Harold Leitner

VP, Business Development

With over 25 years of technology sales, business development, and account management experience Harold leads Xemplar’s business development team. He has successfully driven business growth for early stage technology providers across a range of industries including e-commerce, finance, IOT, connected fleet technology and telematics. Harold holds an MBA from Northern Illinois University and a degree in International Business from Illinois State University.

SK Tirumala

SriKrishna “SK” Tirumala

CEO & Co-Founder

Over the last 24+ years, SK has been at the forefront of delivering technology solutions in Property & Casualty. For the last few years, he has been spearheading the development of risk management solutions at Xemplar Insights, LLC. As the head of the business, SK passionately leads R&D and product engineering teams to advance the Xemplar product portfolio. He is continuously associated with customers, prospects and industry partners in solving their chronic business issues with cutting-edge technology.

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XEMPLAR AUTO is a comprehensive mobile, cloud, and web solution that enables personal auto insurers to close gaps in their digital capabilities. Designed to support loss containment strategies using state-of-the-art smartphone telematics, it can also include policy self-service capabilities to drive adoption and lower servicing costs. Insurers get a powerful analytics portal to analyze where, when, and how risk occurs in their book of business. Granular data can be used develop new rating variables for Usage Based Insurance (UBI).

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Personal and Commercial P&C policyholders value the ease-of-doing business with their insurers over mobile and web channels. They are attracted to insurers with better digital capabilities for convenience and better service. Insurers understand that building relationships and creating loyalty with policyholders is key to their on-going profitability and success. The Xemplar Engage solution enables insurers to rapidly innovate and advance their digital transformation strategy with self-service features on mobile and web channels, resulting in significant competitive advantages with improved customer experience.

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Xemplar Drive – Business was designed as a non-white-labeled option for Commercial Auto Insurers that believe that the policyholders will be apprehensive about using a data gathering solution provided by their insurance carrier. Xemplar Drive – Business would be referred by the insurer to the Commercial Auto policyholders (small businesses to large fleet owners) as a solution for risk prevention and loss control.
Xemplar Drive – Business is also available as a white-labeled off-the-shelf B2C subscription-based solution (SaaS or private) sold directly to Large Corporates, Commercial Businesses, and other Institutions that operate a fleet of vehicles, as a self-administered risk management solution.

Xemplar Drive
Xemplar Drive – Business is a branded off-the-shelf, B2C subscription-based solution sold through distribution channels such as driving schools or not-for-profit organizations to individuals and/or parents of teens as means to analyze driving habits of themselves, or young drivers as they gain driving experience and develop good driving habits.

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