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09 Sep / Author: SK Tirumala

Taking Fleet Safety to the Next Level with Mobile Telematics

When was the last time you thought getting behind the wheel was a walk in the park! Nowadays it is definitely not, given the ever-increasing traffic, deteriorating road conditions, invasive weather, and growing problem of aggressive drivers who do not follow the driving etiquette and/or ignore the law…

Ask these questions to see if mobile telematics solution may be needed for your fleet

  • Is efficient and safe operation of your vehicles critical to your business operations?
  • Do you have the necessary transparency into risks being taken by the drivers while driving company’s vehicles?
  • Can you afford to have a vehicle in the repair shop due to an accident that could have been prevented?
  • Is your business dependent on building a good image and credibility when it comes to your vehicles? Wouldn't involvement in a road accident hurt that image?
  • Are you looking to advance the digital capabilities of your enterprise? Have you considered leveraging the smartphone to help raise safety standards?
  • Auto Insurance is rapidly moving towards Telematics and offering UBI-based insurance products. Are you going to be ready for that to take advantage?

If you have answered “yes” to any of the above questions, then you must think about raising fleet safety measures with a cost-effective telematics solution.

Safety of your fleet and safety of the driver is more paramount than easing the burden of fleet’s total cost of ownership

If you thought only accident rate was a problem, hold on, what is more alarming is the cost involved in dealing with the post consequences of fleet accidents which is a major issue facing fleet operators. Easing the burden of fleet’s total cost of ownership has always been a priority but what is also needed is to do something that helps the drivers as well as the employers in running a smooth and risk-free operation. NHSTA estimates the average cost to employers at a whopping $24,057 per crash. The good news is that there are solutions to avoid such impacts to the bottom line – using simpler, smartphone-based and economic solutions like Xemplar Drive.

Monitoring driver behavior to stop fleet accidents from happening

The good news is there is a tried and tested way to stop accidents from happening within your fleet. By implementing Xemplar Drive, it is now possible to monitor the risks taken by your drivers at an individual level to know beforehand the indicators of accident risk. Given that the solution provides enough insights into the way the drivers conduct themselves on the road, it can help fleet operators to have a mechanism in place to coach driver, streamline the time and effort to improve or correct risky driving in an effort to stop fleet accidents from happening.

Time and time again, we see fleet operators spend hours trying to analyze how their drivers are doing on the road, only to fail because of lack of reliable and accurate data that can give insights into their driving behavior. Are you wondering how to keep your fleet safe and your drivers safer? Xemplar Drive helps you curb these four unsafe driving behaviors by blending the power of mobile telematics with data analytics to prevent:

  • Distracted Driving – such as texting, reading messages while driving
  • Speed Limit Violations – breaching posted speed limits by anacceptable margin
  • Rapid Acceleration- hitting on that gas pedal hard to accelerate
  • Hard Braking - quickly decelerating or abruptly stopping the vehicle
  • Unsafe Maneuvering/Cornering – taking turns or shifting lanes at risky speeds

Of course, there are many other benefits you can achieve with Xemplar Drive including operational mobile efficiencies, costs savings, and accident reporting to name a few, but you should check out here for more details.

When done correctly, leveraging mobile telematics can minimize the overall risks and optimize fleet operations

It is not without a reason that the use of telematics solution is considered to be imperative for businesses involved in fleet operations because it helps track violations that are indicative of unsafe driving behavior. Goes without saying distracted driving is turning out to be a big headache for businesses and the commercial auto insurers. The main challenge of tracking the fleet drivers is figuring out how to keep an eye on them while on the road.

Leveraging mobile telematics can help identify risk-taking drivers and retrain them to correct their driving behavior to reduce the possibilities of fleet drivers being involved in a collision. From rapid acceleration, harsh braking and speed violations to negligent driving, now it’s possible to collect, analyze and use deeper insights to minimize the overall risks and optimize their fleet operations.

Keeping fleet safe and drivers safer has never been this easier

With innovative and economic solutions like Xemplar Drive, the power of fleet safety is firmly in the hands of fleet managers and business owners to enforce stricter rules on drivers, as well as create incentives to reward those who demonstrate safe driving.

Do you need a solution that can help you know how your drivers are doing on the roads?

Take that first step today and derive great value by leveraging Xemplar Drive ─ created specifically for any business that owns or leases vehicles to:

  • Assess the driving habits of all fleet drivers
  • Capture digital records of the trips they take
  • Inform you of your driver’s last known location
  • Set boundaries to their driving routes
  • Create incentives for those who adhere to your safety standards

Having reliable data to examine the exposure is key to taking preventative actions to make the fleet operation safer and more efficient. A test drive of this solution is perhaps the next step?

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SK Tirumala

SriKrishna “SK” Tirumala

CEO & Co-Founder

Over the last 24+ years, SK has been at the forefront of delivering technology solutions in Property & Casualty. For the last few years, he has been spearheading the development of risk management solutions at Xemplar Insights, LLC. As the head of the business, SK passionately leads R&D and product engineering teams to advance the Xemplar product portfolio. He is continuously associated with customers, prospects and industry partners in solving their chronic business issues with cutting-edge technology.

Xemplar Solutions Suite

Xemplar Auto
Personal Auto insurers and Agents can harness the power of this configurable digital platform to advance their digital strategy, while simultaneously increasing customer engagement. Platform provides the capability to gather new risk data to develop new insurance products and services.

Xemplar Fleet
Commercial Auto insurers and MGAs can discover the true potential of data to explore new opportunities for risk management and enhanced service for their commercial accounts, who in turn can implement additional safety controls within their fleet to lower the risk exposures.

Xemplar Drive - Business
Commercial businesses operating a fleet of vehicles can now monitor the driving habits of their drivers - to reduce risks of drivers, vehicles and the goods within. This is a direct-to-business telematics solution can help organizations improve their bottom-line.

Xemplar Drive – Family
Parents can now leverage the same technology to help coach young drivers in the family, using this direct-to-consumer offering for a low-monthly fees, with no long-term commitments.

About Xemplar Insights

Our journey began in early 2015 while experimenting with smartphone technology to analyze motion patterns that led us to develop an innovative and economical solution for risk management and customer engagement. By the summer of 2016, we released the first generation product for a market test with beta customers. Based on the feedback, new ideas and more research, we launched the second generation solutions in April 2017.

Xemplar solutions are designed to provide simple yet powerful features - to curb unsafe driving habits and offer auto insurers with new data to analyze the health of the book and to predict losses with real evidence of risks taken by the insured. Our solutions are highly configurable and customizable to suit every Insurance carrier’s appetite and objectives. It is economically priced to deliver high-value at low cost. With teams located in the United States and India, Xemplar solutions can support insurers and commercial businesses of any size, to transform how they monitor manage driving related risks.