Xemplar Auto

Personal Auto Carriers can
harnesses the power of mobility
to drive change, increase
connectedness and transform
the customer experience


Xemplar Auto is a powerful risk management and engagement solution which uses individualized data to deliver intelligent insights for Personal Auto Carriers. Carriers can leverage Xemplar to move from a reactive to proactive engagement with their policyholders.


Xemplar Auto allows carriers to identify the right mix of policies by creating market-driven products and intelligently engage with policyholders for progressive improvement of their driving behavior to reduce overall risks and claims.

Promoting Tangible Benefits

Xemplar Auto opens the channel of proactive and frequent engagements between insurance carriers and their policy holders, enabling them to continuously influence good driving behavior, leading to improved road safety. This translates into reduced loss ratio and higher customer retention for carriers. The right data insights make it easy to bring better newer products to the market and allow carriers to stay competitive.

Xemplar Improved Driving Behavior

Improved Driving Behavior

  • Positively impact driving behavior
    by avoiding distracted driving
  • Provide self-governing data to
    reduce dangerous behavior
Xemplar Business Optimization

Business Optimization

  • Strategize services based on risk
    profiles for increased retention
  • Lower acquisition costs
  • Provide enhanced and tangible
    customer support
  • Gain better control over loss ratio

Capabilities that Transform your Business Outcomes


  • Provides drivers with access to their driving data
  • Delivers timely feedback to improve driving behavior
  • Engages drivers in a gaming challenge to improve their driving scores

Driving Data

  • Provides accurate and real-time driving data and trip history
  • Spots unique and risky driving patterns


  • Offers insightful data visualization
  • Performs precise and robust risk assessment to develop customer retention and loss prevention strategies


  • Robust API framework and plug-ins that enable seamless integration with system of record
  • Configurable parameters to tailor the solution to the needs of Insurers.

Ease of Use
& Simplicity

  • Easy, one touch installation and sign-up
  • Detects geolocation- based motion to track driving activity
  • Smartly distinguishes drivers from passengers

Cloud Framework- As-A-Service

  • Cloud-based smartphone solution
  • Zero infrastructure investments
  • Works in standalone and integrated modes