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To grow, Auto Insurers need to recognize
and respond to digital disruption

Xemplar Solutions Suite enables digital transformation to fuel your top-line sales
and bottom-line profitability

Xemplar Solutions Suite

Xemplar Solutions Suite is a digital transformation platform for Personal & Commercial Auto Carriers to collect, analyze and apply deeper insights to their business. It opens a new engagement channel with their policyholders to improve customer loyalty by influencing better driving habits and offering right-priced premiums. Carriers can leverage these insights to design insurance programs and realize better business outcomes by way of lower claims and costs, increased ROI and improved bottom line. Commercial businesses can influence a positive change in the driving habits of their drivers to reduce the overall risks and optimize their fleet operations.



Personal Auto Insurance

Harnesses the power of
smartphone technology to drive
change, increase connectedness
and transform the customer



Commercial Auto Insurance

Discover the true potential
of data to explore new opportunities for risk management and enhance service for your commercial accounts, who in turn can implement additional safety controls for their fleet



Commercial Businesses

Monitor the driving habits of
your drivers - to reduce risks of
drivers, vehicles and the goods

Partnerships that go all the way

We partnered with Nation Safe Drivers and SpeedGauge, Inc. who are an integral
part of the Insurance Ecosystem

Nation Safe Drivers

NSD is a renowned RSA service provider network that serves policyholders of over 300 insurance companies. We built out-of-the-box inetgrations to connect with NSD.


SpeedGauge provides loss control services to several commercial insurers. We rely on their data services to detect accurate speeding behavior.

A Quick Peak into how Xemplar
future-proofs your investment

Latest at Xemplar

Xemplar Insights taps SpeedGauge for precision
driving speed monitoring and analysis

Xemplar Insights LLC, a provider of innovative insurance risk management and customer
engagement solutions, has partnered with SpeedGauge Inc.

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Xemplar Insights and Nation Safe Drivers continue
to empower Auto Insurance Carriers

“Seamless integration between Xemplar's solutions and NSD’s
roadside assistance service delivers a unified experience to the insured”

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Prime Technology Group announce the launch of an independent company -
Xemplar Insights, to deliver risk management solutions

“This company will operate as a wholly owned subsidiary of Prime -
with a sole focus on development and growth of their flagship Xemplar Solutions”

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