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Keep your Family safe on the
unpredictable roads

Get insights into their driving habits to
help them become safe drivers

Xemplar Drive is a hardware-free solution that intelligently
detects and reports unsafe driving habits. It is easy to use and helps the members of your family become safe drivers.

Xemplar Drive helps you curb these four unsafe driving behaviors

Distracted Driving

Distracted driving is the using of a smartphone that diverts attention away from driving. Xemplar Drive detects and reports phone usage while driving to help you coach them.

Speed Violations

Driving above the speed limit results in a speeding ticket or unanticipated road accidents. Xemplar Drive reports if a family member drives beyond the recommended speed limit to reduce fines and save lives.

Rapid Acceleration | Hard Braking

Staying alert to unpredictable road conditions, signs and other vehicles around you is key to maintaining a good distance and stopping safely. Assess these habits to help smoothen the drive and avoid crashes.

Unsafe Maneuvering/Cornering

Sharp turns and changing lanes excessively at high speeds dramatically enhances the risk, as the center of gravity shifts rapidly. Get insights into such risky driving habits and coach teens to curb them.

How it works

The solution is two fold: a Web Portal and a Mobile App

Web Portal

The web portal is accessed by the parent/family member via a web browser on a computer or a tablet to monitor and manage the users of the mobile app.

Dashboard: Summary report of family members driving score, trends, unsafe driving habits that may need your attention

Review Performance: Analyze each member's driving habits in great detail to coach them on risks and improve driving behavior

Manage Users: Manage mobile app users in your family

Manage Account: Manage your account, settings and billing information

Send Notifications: Send messages to all mobile app users in your family from one location

Mobile App

The mobile app is installed on the driver’s smartphone and runs in the background

  • Self-assess driving habits that increase the risk of accidents
  • Track your driving score over time to see improvement
  • Review completed trips along with granular data on unsafe events that occurred
  • Easily capture details and report to parent when a crash happens along with media files
  • Keep relevant information at your fingertips – roadside assistance, insurance card, etc.
  • Record and share trips with other users of the app

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We are united by one goal

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your family safe on the road

Xemplar Drive lets you give teens the freedom they need, while you gain control over their driving habits

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