Xemplar Fleet

Commercial Auto Carriers can
discover the true potential of
data and explore new opportunities
for risk management
and enhance customer service

Xemplar Fleet is a mobile-based risk management solution purpose-built for Commercial Auto Carriers. At the core of this solution is a powerful Telematics engine that delivers actionable insights using real-time driving data.

Xemplar Fleet blends risk management, customer engagement, and marketing elements into a single channel – making it a must-have solution. Carriers can in turn offer risk mitigation and fleet optimization strategies to their clients through a truly granular analysis of driving data.

Promoting Tangible Benefits

Proactive Risk Management for Carriers
Xemplar Fleet provides carriers with granular driving performance data which, when combined with traditional underwriting factors, can produce more precise pricing models, which align to claim exposure and become more accurate over the life of the policy.

Safety-focused Solution for Commercial Accounts
Committed to interpreting and putting to use valuable driving data - Xemplar Fleet plays a key role in improving the safety of commercial policyholders and increasing the fleet’s operating profitability.

Xemplar Business Optimization

Business Optimization

  • Strategize services based on risk
    profiles of commercial accounts for
    higher retention
  • Lower acquisition costs
  • Provide enhanced and tangible
    customer support
  • Gain better control over loss ratios
Xemplar Business Optimization

Fleet Optimization

  • Streamline operational processes using
    custom dashboards, reporting and
    real-time notifications
  • Educate commercial policyholders to
    reduce the severity and frequency of
    commercial claims through safe
    driving behavior
  • Ensure road safety through
    personalized driving feedback and
Xemplar Business Optimization

Relevant Products

  • Design policies based on
    driving insights for accurate premium pricing
  • Offer cross-selling benefits to
    commercial accounts
  • Attract new prospects with competitive
    pricing on new UBI programs

Capabilities that Transform your Business Outcomes

Driving Data

Accurate Driving Data
  • Provides accurate and real-time driving data and trip history
  • Spots unique and risky driving patterns
  • Helps manage drivers and vehicles with real-time tracking
  • Allows visibility into data down to the level of an individual driver in a commercial account


Driver Engagement
  • Provides drivers with access to their driving data
  • Delivers timely feedback to improve driving behavior
  • Engages drivers in a fun game, challenging them to improve their driving scores


Xemplar Actionable Insights
  • Offers the right data visualization and messaging
  • Performs precise and robust risk profiling
  • Provides contextual insights on driving behavior that align with your KPIs
  • Helps gain visibility and transparency into your commercial book of business

Ease of Use
& Simplicity

One Touch Installation and Sign-up
  • Easy installation and sign-up
  • Detects geo-based drive position to track driving activity
  • Distinguishes drivers from passengers


Xemplar Business Integration
  • APIs and plug-ins that enable seamless integration with your business apps
  • Configurable limits and parameters
  • 24/7 background execution

Cloud Framework-

Cloud Framework
  • Cloud-based smart phone solution
  • Zero infrastructure investments
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